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Beast Breaker: Characters

Beast Breaker characters! I love designing characters and drawing animals so these were a blast. Here we have a few of the dialogue portraits for everyone, their "minis" (which show up in the expedition phase) , plus attack splash portraits for those characters who can help during battle. I aimed for a wide spread of species, body type, and gender presentation. 
The evil Queen (the ermine in a dress) was designed because ermines eat rodents (which the main character is) and we only realized she looked similar to the Finji logo after the whole team fell in love with her design... Sorry Finji, we love you! It was completely unintentional! 
The hardest to design was Cinnabar, the snake... How do you put clothes on a snake? We were dangerously close to a tactical sock, before I hit on the idea of linking the expedition ui (glowing location tags for quests) to their "armor", which consists of a swarm of semi-autonomous flying drones. Sock crisis averted.